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Greg Whyte OBE

Physical Activity Expert

Pregnancy & Exercise

Welcome to The Whyte Answer, a chance for you to hear from Professor Greg Whyte, a lead expert in the field of physical activity, here you have the chance to ask Greg any question you may have on the topic, no matter how simple or complex the matter, there is something for you here.

Top Tips for Exercising while Pregnant

Make Time for Exercise: Structure your day to allow for dedicated exercise time. Plus, take advantage of some free time that may present itself. Rather than waste those spare minutes, use them to add to your weekly exercise volume.

1 minute of exercise is better than no minutes!

Starting Exercise for the First Time: To avoid injury and soreness start off with a small amount of easy exercise and gradually build up the volume (intensity, duration and frequency) of exercise over time. Monitor your exercise volume to ensure that you are progressing at a rate that suits you. Avoid massive increases in exercise volume in short periods of time.

Set Goals: Having a target to aim for is one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Clearly identifying a goal that you want to achieve at the start of your exercise programme i.e. to lose weight, to get fitter, to reduce lower back pain, to improve upper body strength or just to increase your physical activity levels will add an invaluable boost to making exercise part of your life.

Selecting exercises: Choose exercise that fit into your lifestyle and you are comfortable with; If you enjoy walking then set walking goals however; when the weather gets bad or you can’t get out for a walk have an alternative like stair climbing or swimming.

Reward yourself: when you achieve your goal; Avoid using food as a reward and set the reward in line with the goal – big goal, big reward.

Enjoy Yourself: Exercise doesn’t have to be a misery. Exercise can be hard work yet enjoyable. Adapt your exercise programme to ensure it is challenging but enjoyable and create an environment that makes exercise more enjoyable. Optimists live longer and cope with stress better. Exercise is enjoyable if you believe it!

Talk & Listen: Exercise with a friend, your exercise buddy, or listening to music can make it so much more enjoyable helping you to stay motivated.

Music to my ears: Motivational music to invigorate your session has a fast tempo (>120 beats per minute) and strong rhythm, and is often played loud for greatest effect. Soft music with a slow tempo can help relax you during low intensity and stretching exercise.

Nothing is all you need: You don’t have to be a member of a gym, wear Lycra and pop socks or have expensive equipment to exercise. You can exercise at home, around the home or at the park. There’s lots of exercise to choose just pick what works for you.

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